Tack Rentals
Rent tack for a show, use it, then send it back!

Terms and Conditions
    I.    Payment Policies
         I will accept checks but they MUST arrive to me no less than 3 weeks before shipping date of tack.
        Tack WILL NOT  be shipped until 20 days after reciept of check.  Money Orders are always welcome,
        need to be recieved about 5 days before shipping of tack as well.  I will cash both forms of payment
        before tack is shipped to make sure someone isn't going to write me a bad check and then take off with my tack.
        Monies will be deposited in a special account to be refunded when tack is returned.

    II.    Fees
           Rental fee will be 1% of my market value for the tack (I'll be using tack made by Totally Custom Tack Shop).
            The value of the tack is due as a down payment and as a deposit.  The deposit will then be returned when tack
            is returned safely minus the appropriate rental fee, shipping and any damages.
            Average rental for one show is about 14 days or less.  (Assume 4 days shipping each way to be safe).

    III.    Billing and Charges
            Rental fee will start on the day the tack leaves my local postoffice (the time I estimate it will go out) and stops
            when it is back in my possession.

    IV.    Shipping and Handeling Rates.
            I will charge $4.00 for shipment of saddles (they will be insured) and $2.00 for smaller accessories not
            being shipped with a saddle.  I ask that you ship insured on your end, you will be responsible for tack
            that was lost that was not insured.

    V.    Damage
            I am assuming that general wear and tear on the tack will occur, however, I won't ship to you unless I feel it
            is in good enough condition to suffice.  Damage that I will worry about is broken or torn leather, missing parts,
            etc.  If silver or other hardware is missing, the cost to replace the part will be taken from the depsoit.
            If a piece of leather is torn or broken, it will be a $5.00 charge.  If glue breaks, no charge because, as it ages, the
            glue will eventually crack with no warning.  I won't be responsible for glue that breaks while at a show.  Feel free
            to glue it back together so that it will work for you.

    VI.    Availablity
            If a piece of tack is out at the point in time you want it, I will reserve it for you.  You may send your payment
            and I will send the tack when it arrives.  If it has not arrived within 7 days of your show date, I will send you a
            a refund check for the full amount of your payment.

If you would like to rent tack, please print and sign this form and send it along with your payments.

I, the undersigned, agree with the terms above and will pay the rental fees and any damage charges that are appropriate.


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